The AU500 fund earlier this year topped over 100k in donations to the Clubs playing budget and this month donated a further £10,000.

The Fund’s Jamie Garrett, who doubles as our Supporter Liaison Officer, said:

It’s another great milestone for us. We’re determined to keep up the momentum and raise as much awareness of the Fund as possible. Everyone knows how uncertain times are just now in football and if we, as fans, can do our bit to help the club then it’s vital we do that. We now have around 150 paying members regularly putting in to the pot, with one-off donations also welcome.

Ayr United vice-chairman, David Smith, this week paid tribute to the huge effort for making a difference both on and off the park:

As always, the club are humbled and grateful for another huge cheque from the AU500 team. Alan Murray has been working alongside AU500 and keeping the board constantly updated to allow us to predict with some confidence where our cash flow and players’ budgets are going. The financial planning of the club is tough going just now because we won’t have hospitality income, unsure of gate income and having to cope with the huge cost of testing, so to get another cheque for £10k is incredible given the circumstances and it goes straight to the manager’s playing budget.

Jamie presents a cheque to vice-chairman Davie Smith.